National Defense

The best offense is a good defense, the best defense is a good State Department!
- Citizens to Protect Florida's Tomorrow

It is believed through unclassified sources that we have troops operating in 34 different countries. These troops are either engaged in combat, or training others who are actively engaged in combat.  Yet, we are not at war!  So, how did we end up fighting in so many places?  Our country has lost its system of checks & balances and Congress has given the president (under both parties) free reign when it comes to sending our young men & women off to die!

We will be digging into this further over the coming weeks; and will also be looking at what the gutting of the State Department by the current administration is doing to put our country at risk of being drawn into further conflicts!

If this topic is as important to you as it is to us, please consider helping out with a donation at a level you can afford.  Whether it is $5 or $10 from a passionate individual, or $1 million from a philanthropist with a dream, we need all the help we can get.  People's lives are depending on a solution!