Action Item 01 - Guns in Schools?

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Guns DO NOT belong in schools!

Ignoring the risks associated with arming individuals who are not experienced with engaging armed opponents, it is believed that the Florida House and Senate will push a bill similar to SB 1236 - authorizing teachers to carry concealed firearms on campus.

We need your help immediately!  The safety of our children depends on immediate action.

The most important thing you can do to stop this from happening is to spread the word that this is not acceptable.  Send letters to:

  • Teachers
  • School Administration
  • School board members
  • Your state Representative
  • Your state Senator
  • News media
  • and anyone else that will listen.

Let them know that you DO NOT approve of guns in the classroom and that you will pull your children, and the funding that goes with them, from any school with armed teachers.


An example of what to say would be - 

Recent events in Parkland, that should have shocked all of us, have sadly begun to become the norm in the United States.  We need common sense gun reform to protect our schools. We do not need teachers who are not prepared to face an armed opponent to be carrying weapons.  Introducing guns to our schools creates a larger threat to our children than already exists.  From potential misfires to someone getting past metal detectors and gaining a weapon by overwhelming an armed teacher, there are too many issues that could arise from this dangerous idea.

Should the state pass a law allowing teachers to be armed, and should our school district deploy armed teachers to our schools, we will immediately pull our child(ren) from the school and finding alternate arrangements in order to ensure their safety.  We will then work to replace you and overturn the decision prior to returning our children, and the funding that comes with them, to the school.

The decision, and consequences are yours to own.

Signed, a concerned parent.


We MUST NOT let the NRA dictate how we protect our children!  They are the reason assault weapons are available to teenagers!

Thank you all for your continued support; rest assured, no matter what happens we will continue our fight to Protect Florida's Tomorrow!