Action Item 01 - Guns in Schools?


Guns DO NOT belong in schools!

Ignoring the risks associated with arming individuals who are not experienced with engaging armed opponents, it is believed that the Florida House and Senate will push a bill similar to SB 1236 - authorizing teachers to carry concealed firearms on campus.

We need your help immediately!  The safety of our children depends on immediate action.

The most important thing you can do to stop this from happening is to spread the word that this is not acceptable.  Send letters to:

Our first computer!

Macbook Pro

We would like to thank an anonymous donor who has contributed a mid-2012 MacBook PRO to be used as our first official committee computer.

While the original memory and hard drive are gone, the computer is in otherwise working order and we can upgrade it to work like new!

The upgrade is being done by a volunteer; however, 16 GB of new memory and an SSD hard drive will be a total of $300 in parts.