Common Sense Gun Control

People are dying and politicians are not taking action to protect them!  We will be adding much more to this section over the coming days!

On February 14th, 2018, seventeen Floridians gave their lives at the hands of a disturbed teenager who was able to legally purchase a military style weapon and use it at a school.  Armed officers were there, red flags were seen, nothing was able to stop this tragedy.

The response of the Republicans in congress was to take their NRA checks to the bank, ignore the problem and wait for the next tragedy to occur.  We can not allow this to continue!  

While we work on a more in depth response to these tragedies, please take a moment to show your support for our mission. The NRA is using this tragedy to raise funds to run advertisements to sell more of these killing machines.  We can not let this go unanswered.

If this topic is as important to you as it is to us, please consider helping out with a donation at a level you can afford.  Whether it is $5 or $10 from a passionate individual, or $1 million from a philanthropist with a dream, we need all the help we can get.  People's lives are depending on a solution!  Donations using the link below will ONLY be used for the campaign associated with our Gun Control focus.